Experiment 1: Clickbank Microniche


The lab opens its doors, it’s time to start with SEO experiments , one section where I’ll keep trying different things and creating new projects, explaining step by step how I created, how they are positioned and how much money they are giving me. Since it is the first experiment I do not want to start the house by the roof, I want to start with something easy that anyone with basic knowledge can do.


How did I come up with the idea?

I explain step by step how I accomplished my project, but I think it is essential that you know how to find your own methods and ideas. Since I started in this business, I liked much membership as a form of monetization, so since I discovered Clickbank I fell in love. I have been using Click bank to promote products in many ways, especially with micro nichoe attacking different keywords. All have been micro niche focused on keywords with 8000-10000 monthly searches, but this time I will do something completely different: A micro niche that attack keywords very little sought (300 searches or less). Why did I come up with this? Let’s see it quickly.

One of the things I usually do and usually learn a lot which is spying on the competition . You can not imagine the things that can be made clear. Turns out I was spying on one of my competitors when I came across this: 

I’ve deleted some of the addresses for privacy. I dont like to publicly disclose anybody’s projects.

What a gold mine! Just see this already knew what this guy was doing, it looks at leguas that has a lot of micro niche focused on clickbank (since many of the addresses are directly the name of the product to promote). I researched a little to see how I had it mounted, and that’s what gave me the idea of ​​this first experiment: The owner of all this has created niches focusing only on keywords of very few but very specific searches. Searches that are looking for a solution to a problem.

Of course, it is not the typical micro niche with 3 or 4 articles of 350 words, since it would hardly have visitors. Most niches have a lot of items , each focused to a long tail , so adding all keywords attacked the number of searches is quite considerable .


What are the advantages of doing such a project?

I had never tried to do anything similar with Clickbank, so I tried to take advantage of this type of project:

  • Very little competition , resulting in easy positioning for each long tail. From what I researched, the linkbuilding it does is almost nil, practically positioning doing good articles.
  • The visits are extremely segmented , so are users who are looking for something very specific. It will not act in the same way someone looking to ” quit ” that someone looking for ” I need a treatment for smoking cessation .” This latest user will convert much better if you are promoting a product to stop smoking.
  • Some of his blogs have a lot of amazing views only positioning long tails . In short, you do not have to go for a super-searched keyword.

On the other hand, if we want to have enough visits, we will have to generate enough content.

One of the things I usually look at to see if my competition is doing well this kind of projects is to look at the renewal date of the domain. If we see that it is renewing the domains, is that that project has given him enough benefits not to give it for lost (or at least has hope in it). In this case, most domains had been recently renovated.


Looking for a niche with no competition for Clickbank

Hands on, but … how do I start? I have two options: Find keywords with few searches and low competition and then try to find a product ClickBank fit, or go directly to ClickBank, look for a product that I like and then we look for keywords. I have opted for the second one.

This is what I do to look for a good product in ClickBank, there are a thousand ways, but this is what I like:

Let’s ” Market ” and we click without putting anything on the magnifying glass we search for all products that are available now appear:


And now we are filtering the results to segment and find a product that suits our tastes. For example looking to ” Required Language ” is Spanish and that the minimum gravity is 2. Now see what gravity on Clickbank .


By default the results will be sorted by popularity, but I prefer to sort by gravity. What is this? It is not known for sure because it is an internal algorithm used by the company itself, but comes to mean the number of members who have succeeded in the past 2 months or so . This gives us a reliable data conversion that has a product. Of course, I recommend discarding those that have a very high gravity because they are usually burned products already, promoted to satiety.

Now it is simply a matter of looking for a product that we like, we can click on the categories if we want to further filter the results. I recommend clicking on the products that we like and see what the landing page , this should be attractive, not very spammer, and a very visible button purchase.


Search for keywords without competition and domain

We already have a couple of selected products, with good gravity, that pay well and that have a good landing page. It’s time to check if for that product we have keywords with few searches and little competition, since that is going to be the attack tactic. Open the planner Google keywords , introduce the keyword related to our search (eg ” smoking ” if your product is an ebook with a method to quit snuff) and filter as follows :
We will have a lot of long tails with less than 1000 searches per month. If we continue with the example, for the keyword ” smoking ” appears to us the following:


I have indicated with a red arrow the ones that are good keywords, why? Simply because they are very targeted searches with a perfect clickbank product for our approach. Anybody looking ” like quit smoking easily ” is more likely to buy the product you’re promoting someone searching for ‘ quitting free “(marked with an X in the picture).

If you do not find many words like these, it is not a good product to promote so you will have to look for another one. If on the contrary there are enough, you are on the right track. It is important to check the competition with these searches, I will make a detailed article later, but for now simply searches Google those words and check that no important pages positioned at the top or microniches with the exact word.

Update : Here is the article to study the competition I promised.

After checking that there is too much competition for many keywords, we go to Godaddy to see if there are any available domain. We go specifically to Bulk Domain to check while many domains, we copy some keywords that have convinced us, we select the TLD .com, .net and .org and ready. If we follow the example, we could put it like this:


We click on “Go” and Godaddy will automatically tell us the domains that are free. In this case:


As we see in this case, almost all domains are available. A good command we could buy would quierodejardefumar.org , for example.


Setting up micronicho, what have I done so far

At the moment I will not say the domain that I have bought nor the keywords that I am going to attack, but I do want to put you in situation so that you can see how the experiment will progress. The product will promote has agravity of over 10 , costs about 25 $ of which I take 75% for each sale .The domain that I bought does not reach 300 monthly searches but has many long tails to attack, so in total we will be able to have a few visits.

What have I done so far?

  • Buying a good template from Themeforest . There are themes to be boring, so it was not difficult to find one that I liked. Recommendation: To promote clickbank products serves any template , but I prefer one with a big right sidebar, which is very simple, responsive and is not overloaded with too many images, banners or sliders.
  • Install in WordPress the basic plugins, which we will see in the next entry that makes the experiment.
  • Put Analytics and send the web to Webmaster Tools.
  • Write the first two articles.
  • Create a small image of the product to promote and put it in the right sidebar. I’ve put flashy colors to make it stand out.

As this article is getting quite long I leave it here and in the next chapter of the experiment and I will tell in more detail the whole process of creating the blog, what I have been doing and what are the short term goals.

I think it can be a very interesting experiment and that most of you could do without problem also think it can be very profitable because the cost will be minimal, with a few sales to make a year and would come out in green numbers ( Although we will try to make many more sales, of course). What do you think of the experiment? Do you see the future? Do you think it is a waste of time? I hope your opinions below, in the comments!