Experiment 1 (part 2): Starting with linkbuilding

It’s time to continue the experiment! It can not be that you have been without entering the lab all this time … Although it really is not so, I’ve been working on micro niche Clickbank all this time, slowly but steadily, so I will tell you what I’ve been doing and what Which I intend to do these next weeks.

What have i done during this time

The first thing I did and that I did not have in the first part, was to install the basic WordPress plugins that considered necessary for this micronicho:

  • Affiliate Link Cloaking : To shorten the Clickbank affiliate link and make it more friendly towards the user. It is much better to have something like www.nichewebsitedeals.com  the original affiliate link itself full of numbers and letters rare.
  • Google XML Sitemaps : I really like this plugin to create a sitemap of a website. Then I sent the Sitemap that generates to Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Q2W3 Fixed Widget : A plugin that I love and that I use in many of my projects. It allows you to keep on screen the sidebar widgets that you choose even if the user scrolls down. That is, they stay fixed so that they do not lose sight of when the user comes down to continue reading the content. Of course, the widgets that I have left fixed in this micronicho are two images promoting the product of ClickBank.
  • Yoast WordPress SEO : To optimize my face to SEO articles. It is a help that never hurts if I forget some detail before publishing.

The micronicho has little more than a month, during this time in addition to installing the plugins I just mentioned I did little else:

  • Add focusing content long tails : For me it is very important to complete a project of this type of good content during its first stage. Every week I posted 2 items from more than 500 words , with good images and optimized for keywords long tails . In fact, without doing anything else I already have some long tails positioned (not very high, but something is something):


  • Add extensive section “about me” : A very important point when you are promoting a product is to give confidence to the user . This confidence is gained with good content, with a section of testimonials, good feedback, good design … And with a good section ” about me “! So the user can see that you are a real person, get into your skin and gain confidence. It does not have to be real, in fact in this project I lied like a rogue haha.


  • Modify the theme : As I mentioned in the first part, I bought a template from Themeforest and installed in WordPress. The template is pretty simple, but I have modified the css and some html codes to make it even simpler and totally customized. I do not want any elements that distract the user (only two widgets in the sidebar) but is centered reading the content, which is where the affiliate links are.


Starting with linkbuilding

It’s been a little over a month and I have not even got a single link, I think it’s about time, right? I’ll start with the link building slowly but surely. During the next few weeks I will start to put few links, if later I see that it is not uploading the web I will start to be more aggressive.

The links will get will attack long tails, ie, the anchor will be long related tails + anchors generic ( “click here”, “website”, etc …) + anchors brand (my domain name to dry , With the .com, with the http, etc …).

From where will I link?

All links that go by will be free , ie, initially’m not buying reviews or anything like that . The vast majority links will be dofollow links from:

  • Forums : There are many forums on the subject let me put links that follow both the firm and the post.
  • Comments : Both newspaper blogs as personal blogs or other websites. I will try as long as they are quality links, from websites of authority and possibly have a high PA (of course a high DA).
  • Profiles : I will also create a profile from time to time where you can get links, either in forums, social networking sites or social.
  • Blogs 2.0 : This is also going to create blogs on different sites, adding content and linking to micronicho. This way I will have high quality dofollow contextual links. I will take care of these blogs with a lot of pampering so that Google does not detect anything strange, later I will increase its authority creating a Tier2 that points towards them.

This will be basically my Tier1 (links pointing directly to micronicho). Every week go by between 2 and 3 links about linking both home and Articles.

And over the next few weeks I will keep uploading content, 2 weekly articles is my idea so I have work ahead!

Other things I have thought about

Besides all this I want to do some other things, but I’ll tell you this later and with more calmness than if this post is going to make it longer than the bible. To make you a summary of some of the things: Meter new testimonials section , add at the end of the articles as a kind of box with information about the product Clickbank and affiliate link, creation and promotion on social networks … and I leave it here if it does not get out of hand!

I hope you liked the continuation of this micronicho, for the moment I do not want to reveal the domain or thematic so that I do not get too many competitors or I try to fuck ya start haha. If you liked this article, you help me a lot sharing this post on social networks with the buttons you have it down, and feel free to leave a comment if you have any suggestions.

Regards and see you soon.