Experiment 1 (part 3): First conversions


Very good to all! I had not posted anything new on the blog for 2 months . And it was not because I did not want to, but because I had a lot of work: I had to put my batteries on the final project. But rest assured, I have already presented it (and I have drawnMatriculation of honor !!!) so I am 100% free. I want to come back stronger and continue the publication rate had.

And now, leaving aside the war stories and achievements, I think it is best to update the first experiment launched , the microniche Clickbank . Let’s see what I’ve done and what the steps I’m going to follow from now on will be.

What have I done again?

The new readers who have come here by chance may be wondering – What experiment? What is this guy talking about?
Read you the first two parts here and you will understand everything:

  • Part 1: Starting microniche ClickBank
  • Part 2: Beginning with the linkbuilding

In the last part I told how I was going to approach the strategy of linkbuilding, in short: Go slowly, but progressively, trying to make all the links obtained are free. Let’s see in depth what the hell I’ve done exactly.


Microniche Linkbuilding

When I start to make links I try to be very orderly , usually what I do is all in an Excel sign up for an overview of the work done. For this project the Excel that I have today is as follows:

Do not stay blind, click to see bigger …

So far all links obtained are free . Some interesting notes:

  • The most links are follow but I care you have nofollow.
  • Almost all links are contextual , ie they are within a text (always extensive I could).
  • Although not see in the picture, I have varied quite the anchors . I have used of all kinds: Brand, exact keyword, long tail, generic, etc …
  • I point out those who are indexing and those who are not. When I spend a reasonable amount of time and I see that they have not been indexed in a natural way, I manually send them to index.

You can also see that I type the type of link (comment on a web, a forum, a profile, etc …). This serves me mainly so that I do not leave the clamp and abuse much of a type of link (for example all links from forums).

A small clarification is that the review is from a blog 2.0 that I created and that “Article Submitted” is the typical web that allows you to send an article for free.

All these links point to the home of the project, but also have made some to articles (currently very few, only 4).


On Page Optimization

I’ve also improved some On Page factors that were pretty bad:

Load time optimization : The site did not load like lightning, just as I like. Passing the Page speed Insights load values were low, so follow the instructions that Google itself gives us and I managed to greatly increase these values: 80 and 90 for mobile computers not bad!

Rewrite titles and meta descriptions : I changed the titles and descriptions in search results to try to improve CTR. I have tried to make them flashy and above all to cause curiosity.

Small design changes : We’ve put a logo, have translated some parts of the template that were in English, I changed the main menu, the colors … These are small details that make a careful site noticed.


Look for details, they are important too!
Results so far

Go Go! That this is the interesting part huh.

Have you positioned yourself? Yes, for many long tails we are on the first page (even some top 1) so the traffic has started to grow. For larger words we are on second-third page.

Here is a screenshot of the webmaster tools:

And here another of the keywords that I’m tracking with more attention:




They have been climbing very slowly gradually, every week they go up without stopping so I think I’m doing a good job (but damn slow haha). These positions are translated into the following traffic :



We have passed the barrier of 100 visits per day and we are fast approaching the 200 day (And the bassoon that the last day ?? ‘Analytics not scare me !!), the time spent on the web is about 2 minutes (I have to improve it anyway, not bad, but I want to upload much more) and the rebound percentage is about 75%.

They are not a bad data but there is much to improve . If I want this to continue growing properly I have to give it a lot more, and now that I have more free time … Let’s make it rise like foam!


Well dude, but this gives you pasta now or what?

A couple of months ago I got my first conversion Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu We also have gotten Adsense, but for the moment does not give hardly anything.


It has cost him to start but he is already making money. These last two months I have had more conversions (few the truth) which has encouraged me to analyze the product well, the way it is sold, the price, etc … And this is what I have decided:

What will be the future of this project

After thoroughly analyzing the product and above all, the behavior of the users that arrive at the landing of the product through my website, I have noticed that many people click on my links, read the content of the landing itself Clickbank (which is long of balls) and many of them arrive at the purchase form. Most of them are coming to this point. Something is wrong!

Basically I think that is the high price for the product is. Besides that seeing the purchase form did not just convince me, I like it much simpler.

Having said that I have to say that the product that I am promoting (it is an ebook) came to my hands magically, and after hitting it a quick read, the light bulb came on:


I create my own ebook , much shorter and simpler but much more visual, better structured and summarized as the original. At a price of laughter.
I will change in my web all the links that I have pointing to the product and I will create a mini-store selling my own ebook. I will make it extremely simple, that the user in practically two clicks can buy my product.

So basically goodbye Clickbank haha. I think I can make a lot more money with my own infoproducto. I’ll tell you how things are going and how this project progresses.


Thank you very much for reading what did you think? Am I doing things right? Any advice or criticism? Do not cut and leave me comments whatever Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu